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Thomas Edison3 essays

Thomas Edison3 essays Thomas A. Edison and his Kinetographic Motion Pictures. Rutgers University Press. This book gave me a lot of the information I needed on the basic history of Thomas Edisons work in the motion picture industry. There were also pictures which helped me better understand the information. Thomas Alva Edison: inventing the electric age. Adair, Gene. 1996.Oxford University Press: New York. This book also gave me information on his inventions with pictures. It also gave me information on other work that Edison did and why he was interested in inventing devices for the movie industry. Motion Pictures, History of. (6 Dec. 2000). Microsoft Encarta This online encyclopedia also gave me information on not only Thomas Edisons contribution to the movie industry, but also the whole history and origins of movies ...

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The Mechanics of Profit Maximization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Mechanics of Profit Maximization - Essay Example Marginal Revenue Q = 100 – 0.5P 0.5P = 100 – Q P = (100/0.5) – (Q/0.5) P = 200 – 0.5Q TR = P*Q = (200 - 0.5Q) Q TR = 200Q - 0.5Q^2 MR = dTR/dQ = 200 – Q Marginal Cost TC = 100 + 60 (Q) + (Q) 2 AC = TC/Q = 100/Q + 60 + Q MC = dTC/Dq = 60 + 2Q B) Demonstrate that profit is maximized at the quantity where MR = MC. MR = MC MR = dTR/dQ = 200 – Q MC = dTC/Dq = 60 + 2Q 200 – Q = 60 + 2Q 140 = 3Q Q = 46.67 C) Derive the relationship between marginal revenue and the price elasticity of demand, and show that the profit-maximizing price and quantity will never be the unit-elastic point on the demand curve. The relationship between marginal revenue and the price elasticity of demand can be summed as the percentage change in revenue equaling total percentage changes in quantity and price. R = PQ dR = PdQ + QdP dR/R = PdQ/PQ + QdP/PQ dR/R =dQ/Q + dP/p D) Using the information in (B), demonstrate that the profit-maximizing price and quantity will nev er be in the inelastic portion of the demand curve. ... 8) Explain the difference between firms in monopolistic competition and firms in oligopoly. What does this difference mean for prices and quantities and for economic profit? Firms in monopolistic competition contain large number of small firms, while in an oligopoly contain a small number of large firms (Amosweb, 2013). Also, monopolistic firms are price takers, while oligopolistic firms are price setters. Since oligopolies set the prices of quantities rather than take the prices, they can affect the outcome of the economic profit, where if they set the price high, they earn more profit. The monopolistic firms cannot afford to set the prices high because they cannot compete with oligopoly firms in terms of setting prices (Varun, 2013). With the small number of large firms in oligopoly, it is easier for one firm’s action to influence the action of other firms (Brunelle, 2006). For instance, if one oligopoly firm reduces its price because of increased quantities it will affect t he entire market because it would imply other monopolistic firms would have to reduce their prices and may reduce their profit. 9) A firm has estimated the following demand function for it products: Q = 8 – 2P + 0.10I + A Where Q is quantity demanded per month in thousands, P is product price, I is an index of consumer income, and A is advertising expenditures per month thousands. Assume that P = $10, I = 100, and A = $20. Based on this information, calculate values for: Quantity Demand Q = 8 – 2P + 0.10I + A Q = 8 – 2 (10) + 0.10(100) + 20 Q = 18 Price Elasticity of Demand ed = dQ/dA ed = 1 Advertising Elasticity ae = dQ/dA x A/Q ae = (1) x (20/18) ae = 1.11 % meaning 1 percent

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Banyan Tree Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Banyan Tree Case Study - Essay Example That said, these factors are important, but the main factor which contributes to Banyan Tree's success is the way that they treat their employees. Banyan Tree allows its employees to vary service delivery according to the local customs and practices, and this gives the employees investment and ownership in the company. The same goes for the fact that employees are able to be creative with bed decoration. Staff welfare is paramount to the company – they provide luxurious amenities, as well as prosaic, but necessary, amenities, such as child care facilities. Therefore, the employees have ownership, in that they really care about the facilities. This fits in with the concept of shared vision. A shared vision is one in which the leader, and all the followers, have the same vision for the company. Every person cares about this vision, and everybody has the desire to carry out this vision. Every member of the organization has the same vision, therefore will be truly committed to mak e the vision happen (Senge, 1990, p. 206). What Banyan Tree is doing right is that it has created the shared vision by acknowledging the strengths of the employees. This acknowledgment of each individual member is a powerful factor in creating a shared vision. Having a shared vision enables the employees to know that they own a piece of this vision, and that they are a part of the vision (Senge, 1990, p. 212). ... After all, a resort with all the amenities possible, but a disengaged and disinterested staff will ruin this resort. 2. Can Banyan Tree maintain its unique positioning in an increasingly overcrowded resort market? The communication strategy and brand positioning for the company focuses around high end clientele. They offer luxurious amenities, such as private pools, jacuzzi and spa treatment rooms. Their villas are individualized to the clientele. Their accommodations are private and intimate, which sets them apart from their rivals, who do not offer the same accommodations. Moreover, they are unique in that they emphasize their environmentally friendly designs. They are socially responsible in everything they do, from procurement to hiring natives for their positions. As for their marketing, they advertise in high-end travel magazines and cultivated relationships with travel editors and writers. They have also chosen to work with only agents which specialize in high-end travel arran gement with wealthy customers. Banyan Tree can maintain its brand and its positioning, because they are apparently the only resort which has the amenities which are offered there. For instance, they have total privacy for their guests. Guests may skinny dip in their private pool and hot tubs if they want to, because it is totally private and secluded. They emphasize this in their marketing materials, so this is a big plus and it sets them apart from their competitors. Wirtz (2009) states that the competitors in the market, Hilton and Shangri-La, do not offer the same privacy that Banyan offers. Moreover, as indicated in other areas of this essay, Banyan is unique in that it gives ownership to its employees, in

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Association of Islam with violence in the West Term Paper

Association of Islam with violence in the West - Term Paper Example Previously preaching from Mecca, where he faced persecution, he fled with his followers to Medina. It is in this city that religious conflicts between Muslims and Christians began (Juergensmeyer 13). He fought with the Jews and conquered them. He succeeded in uniting the tribes of Arabia but finally died at the age of 62 in the year 632. After his death, succession disputes broke giving rise to schism in Islam which culminated to the formation of the two Islamic groups. The Islamic religion expanded both by virtual of conquest and peaceful means. Trade was a major expansion tool. Muslims invaded Sub-Saharan West Africa and China for trade and virtually dominated the export-import industry and with it, came the spread of Islam. Its unique cultural style began to diversify and with it people converted to the religion. The ultimate result is the association of Islam with eminent violence (Juergensmeyer 13). Study findings and discussions Argued from all sides and delinking the fact from ones religion, the assertion that Islam religion is violent is partly true and partly false. There is no clear consensus on the nature of Islam religion. Although violence is prevalent in almost the whole world involving many religions like Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, the world associates Islamic religion with violence more than any other religion. Historical events like conquering of Spain by Muslims, Christian crusades started by Christians and the Ottoman domination of Eastern Europe showcase Islamic relation to force and power. Recent violent movements in the Middle East which are advanced in the name of Islam and efforts to resolve conflicts and conditions created by the West in trying to force Western ideas in the Muslim have merely served to reinforce the view that Islam is a violent religion (Wilkinson 20). It is evident that though Westerners have created this notion historically, Islam has had no more conflicts than any other western civilization. Violence by all means takes different forms and definitions based on the prevailing situation and environment. According to Islam, force is to be found everywhere in humans and the environment. Violence in Islamic teachings is only used in accordance with the divine law. Use of force can only be applied if equilibrium is to be maintained. Restoration of a broken equilibrium is accepted as a necessary means of maintaining a just system. Excessive use of force creates a disequilibrium and disorder resulting to more injustice. In fact, excessive use of force depends on circumstances but with the aim of establishing equilibrium and not to fulfill individuals’ interests or for sectarian reasons (Rapoport 659). Although Islam has endured a lot of invasions and attacks, peace is still felt in areas where traditional Islamic teachings are maintained. Islam is opposed to the use of force on the basis of inflicting injuries except in war and executing punishments according to the Sharia law. Islamic law protects the rights of both Muslims and non-Muslims and is opposed to the use of force against other people’s rights. If the violation of people’s rights occurs then that is against the Islamic teachings. Regardless of the various negative economic, social and sectarian factors

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The Womens Rights Movememnt :: Feminism Feminist Equality Discrimination Essays

The Women's Rights Movememnt "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." That was Margaret Mead's conclusion after a lifetime of observing very diverse cultures around the world. Her insight has been borne out time and again throughout the development of this country of ours. Being allowed to live life in an atmosphere of religious freedom, having a voice in the government you support with your taxes, living free of lifelong enslavement by another person. These beliefs about how life should and must be lived were once considered outlandish by many. But these beliefs were fervently held by visionaries whose steadfast work brought about changed minds and attitudes. Now these beliefs are commonly shared across U.S. society. Another initially outlandish idea that has come to pass: United States citizenship for women. 1998 marks the 150th Anniversary of a movement by women to achieve full civil rights in this country. Over the past seven generations, dramatic social and legal changes have been accomplished that are now so accepted that they go unnoticed by people whose lives they have utterly changed. Many people who have lived through the recent decades of this process have come to accept blithely what has transpired. And younger people, for the most part, can hardly believe life was ever otherwise. They take the changes completely in stride, as how life has always been. The staggering changes for women that have come about over those seven generations in family life, in religion, in government, in employment, in education - these changes did not just happen spontaneously. Women themselves made these changes happen, very deliberately. Women have not been the passive recipients of miraculous changes in laws and human nature. Seven generations of women have come together to affect these changes in the most democratic ways: through meetings, petition drives, lobbying, public speaking, and nonviolent resistance. They have worked very deliberately to create a better world, and they have succeeded hugely. Throughout 1998, the 150th anniversary of the Women's Rights Movement is being celebrated across the nation with programs and events taking every form imaginable. Like many amazing stories, the history of the Women's Rights Movement began with a small group of people questioning why human lives were being unfairly constricted. A Tea Launches a Revolution The Women's Rights Movement marks July 13, 1848 as its beginning.

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Narrative Structure

In this report I am going to be covering camera techniques, narrative structure, format, styles and content and technical elements. When doing so I am going to be explaining how each one works, what it does and give examples of how they are used. Camera techniques In film and television production there are two main types of camera techniques single camera production and multi camera productions. A single camera production either film or video is employed on the set and each shot to make up a scene. These shots are taken individually. Using the single-camera setup generally employs just one camera. Each of the various shots and camera angles is taken with the same camera which is moved and reset to get each shot or from a new angle, if a scene cuts back and forth between actor A and actor B, the director will first point the camera towards A and shoot shots number 1, 3, 5, 7, and so on. Then they will point the camera toward subject B and do shots number 2, 4, 6, 8, ECT. Multiple-camera mode of production or multicam is a method of shooting films and television programs. Several cameras either film or video are employed on the set and simultaneously records or broadcast a scene. By using this format there is multiple shots taken to chapter the overall action and establishes the geography of the room. An example of the set up of a multi camera production set is shown below Narrative structure Narrative structure helps to define the story and helps to understand the message within the film giving it a meaning, this only applies to the way the story is told not the story itself. Narrative structure is divided into 3 different stages also known as the chronological stages. Stage 1 -the beginning – the state of equilibrium Stage 2 –the middle – the destruction of equilibrium Stage 3 – the end- the reinstatement of the equilibrium. However there is another way to describe Narrative structure in more depth the French male Tzvetan Todorov does this by using 5 stages. Stage 1 – A state of equilibrium is defined. Stage 2 – Disruption to the equilibrium by some action or crisis. Stage 3- the character(s) attempt to repair the disruption, Setting goals to resolve problem. Stage 4- The Character(s) attempt to repair the disruption; Obstacles need to be overcome to restore order. Stage 5- Reinstatement to the equilibrium. Situation is resolved, a conclusion is announced. Narrative Flashbacks Narrative flashbacks takes the narrative back in time from the current point that the story has reached. Most of the time flashbacks are used to recount events that have happened before the story’s primary sequence of events or to fill in a crucial back-story or stories. A character origin flashback specifically refers to flashbacks dealing with key events early in a character's development. In the opposite direction, a flash forward reveals events that will occur in the future. This technique is used to create suspense in a story, or develop a character. Linear Vs Non Linear Non Linear is where events that are happening are portrayed out of chronological order It is often used to mimic the structure and recall of human memory but has been applied for other reasons as well. 2 examples of non linear films are kill bill and across the hall however linear is where events that happening are in chronological order; the story starts at the beginning goes on throughout the middle and then finishes at the end an example of a linear film is little red riding hood and also beauty and the beast. Realism vs surrealism Realism narrative is a storyline that capture real life though the life of the character(s) . The events that happen within the story line could happen in everyday The clue of its meaning is within the name realism, so anything that happens within a realism narrative is capable of happening in everyday life. Surrealism narrative is the opposite within this particular narrative the content and events involved in the story line will be unreal and essentially made up from someone’s imagination. Comedy Comedy film is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humor. Comedy, unlike other film genres, puts much more focus on individual stars, with many former stand-up comic transitioning to the film industry due to their popularity. The plot of the comedy is often concerned with a love affair or some other scandal. However, the plot is generally less important than its witty dialogue. Hybrid comedy genres †¢ Action comedy films blend comic antics and action where the film stars combine wit and one-liners with a thrilling plot and daring stunts. These types of films are often with mismatched partners films which are an example of this are Rush Hour, Bad Boys, and Hot Fuzz. †¢ Comedy horror is a type of horror film in which the usual dark themes are treated with a humorous approach. These films are either use goofy horror clichà ©s such as in The Old Dark House, Young Frankenstein, Little Shop of Horrors, Haunted Mansion and Scary Movie. †¢ Fantasy comedy films are types of films that use magic, supernatural and or mythological figures for comic purposes. Most fantasy comedy includes an element of parody turning many of the fantasy conventions on their head such as the hero becoming a cowardly fool. Examples of these films include Night at the Museum, Day, and Shrek †¢ Sci-fi comedy films, like most hybrid genre of comedy use the elements of science fiction films to over the top extremes and exaggerated science fiction stereotypical characters. Popular examples of these types of films include Ghostbusters, Evolution and Men in Black. †¢ Military comedy films, involve comic situations in a military setting. Examples of military comedy are What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?, MASH, the Private War of Major Benson. Action Action film is a film genre where one or more heroes are put into a series of challenges that require physical feats, extended fights and frenetic chases. Story and character development are generally secondary to explosions, fist fights, gunplay and car chases. This particular genre is closely linked with the thriller and adventure film genres and spy fiction. Technical elements Light In film, the use of light can influence the meaning of a shot. For example, film makers often portray villains that are heavily shadowed or veiled, using backlight. There are many different types of lighting techniques including Background lighting, Cameo lighting ,Fill light, Flood lighting ,High-key lighting ,Key Lighting ,Lens flare ,Low-key lighting, Mood lighting, Rembrandt lighting, Stage lighting and Soft light Sound Sound effects or audio effects are created or enhanced sounds, which are used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performance, animation, video games, music, or other media. In motion picture and television production, a sound effect is a sound recorded and presented to make a specific storytelling or creative point without the use of dialogue or music. In professional motion picture and television production, dialogue, music, and sound effects recordings are treated as separate elements. Dialogue and music recordings are never referred to as sound effects, even though the processes applied to them, such as reverberation or flanging effects. Editing Film editing is part of the process of filmmaking. It involves the selection and combining of shots into sequences, and ultimately creating a finished motion picture. It is an art of storytelling. Film editing is the only art that is unique to cinema, separating film-making from other art forms that preceded it such as photography, theater, dance, writing, and directing, Film editing is often referred to as the â€Å"invisible art] because when it is well-practiced, the viewer can become so engaged that he or she is not even aware of the editor's work.

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The Journey From The Docks Of Liverpool - 905 Words

The journey from the docks of Liverpool to the harbors of Ellis Island was extremely dangerous and unhealthy for the passengers. The treatment was poor with minimal facilities. Often, families would be able to buy tickets with the money their relatives sent from the U.S. Once they had the money, they would go to Liverpool, England to board on the ships. Usually, they would spend about 24 to 36 hours packed on the decks of cargo ships and unsheltered from the weather to arrive to Liverpool. From Liverpool, they board for Pennsylvania, New York, and Boston. The ships that carried the immigrants were called â€Å"coffin ships† because many grew sick of cholera and died on the ship. The death rates were approximately 5-12%. For the journey, some passengers brought food such as a sack of potatoes. Often there was not much space to walk around, enjoy the breeze, breath fresh air, or get some sunlight. They were all packed below the deck and away from the ship’s crew to preven t the spread of diseases. Usually the captains and companies were dishonest and promised great care for the long journey to make more money. Unfortunately, there were few legislation passed that fulfilled the bare necessities for the passengers on board. After about one to three months at the sea, the passengers arrive at a dock. From there, they are transported to Ellis Island on ferries. Ellis Island was the renovated immigration center that inspected the passengers for physical health and social background. TheShow MoreRelatedCities Of London 1550-1625 And London1344 Words   |  6 Pages(1558–1603), and is often hailed as the Golden Age of England. Stuart Period The Stuart Period (1603-1714) started with the ascension of James VI of Scotland (thus being the first king of the United Kingdom) and ended with the ascension of George I (from the House of Hanover). The age consisted of radical politics and intense religious conflict. The age included an extremely bloody civil war. Where was William Shakespeare born? What were the conditions of that particularly city? William ShakespeareRead MoreHarbour Labourers Union Essay1314 Words   |  6 Pagesa pact to oppose the growth of the National Union of Dock Labour (NUDL), an action that enabled them to considerably increase their membership. The Allen Line had operations from Glasgow to Liverpool as well as in Derry, and in evidence presented to the 1892 Royal Commission on Labour, it was stated that the GHLU was given ‘better cargo’ to handle while the NUDL were assigned ‘the rougher cargo of iron ore and coal’. Glasgow’s Plantation Docks was the main base for the Allan Line and accordingRead MoreAround the World in 80 Days 11434 Words   |  6 PagesHe accepts a wager for  £20,000 from his fellow club members, which he will receive if he makes it around the world in 80 days. Accompanied by Monsieur Passepartout, he leaves London by train at 8:45 P.M. on October 2, 1872, and thus is due back at the Reform Club at the same time 80 days later, on December 21. Fogg and Passepartout reach Suez in time. While disembarking in Egypt, they are watched by a Scotland Yard detective named Fix, who has been dispatched from London in search of a bank robberRead MoreContainerisation3372 Words   |  14 Pagescontainerisation there was the labour-intensive process of loading and stowing small amounts of different types of cargo (Asteris, 2009). The use of cranes at docks had to be restricted to allow for both large and small boxes of varying sizes and weights. And often, the actual process of loading and unloading took longer than the actual journey of the cargo itself. So, now, the container can be loaded up with goods on a truck, and taken to the port where it is unloaded with relative ease. Cranes nowRead MoreSlavery Essay1964 Words   |  8 PagesSlavery Essay From the 17th century until the 19th century, almost twelve million Africans were brought to the New World against their will to perform back-breaking labour under terrible conditions. The British slave trade was eventually abolished in 1807 (although illegal slave trading would continue for decades after that) after years of debate, in which supporters of the trade claimed that it was not inhumane, that they were acting in the slaves’ benefit, etc. Slavery was a truly barbaric, andRead MoreEssay about Herman Melville: A Biography And Analysis2570 Words   |  11 Pagesthroughout the hostilities. The Melvill family kept on their mantelpiece a bottle of tea drained out of Major Melvills clothes after the Tea Party as a momento of this occasion. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Herman attended the New York Male High School from about the age of seven until 1830. By that time, Allan Melvills business had begun to fail, due to his credit being overextended. After futile attempts to re-establish himself, he eventually found it necessary to accept the management of a New YorkRead MoreEveline3513 Words   |  15 Pagesin this early twentieth century. Under these conditions of inanimate life, Dubliners are trying to escape from the city. Identifying their lethargic reality with the place Dublin, they think escaping is a way to live they want to leave for the exotic Eastern world such as Persia or Arabia, or a distant unknown country such as Brazil (Buenos Ayres) or the Europe. When they try to be free from the place, however, they experience the moment that their fantasy is broken and face the raw reality. Read MoreDuty of Care Essay33461 Words   |  134 Pagesused to impose duties only where D amp; C had some kind of relations such as relation with a Doctor to his patient or a Lawyer to his client and so on. In this sense the Setevenson case was unique because in that case X bought Beer for his friend from a Shop and while drinking that his friend Y found that there was a snail and Y became seriously ill. The question to the court was as there was no relation existed between the Manufacturer and Y how they could impose a duty in such a situation. Furthermore